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Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support



Every organization these days has in-house IT helpdesks, and they usually require a substantial sum to start and manage. This would mean additional costs to hire and train IT experts, which is a relatively heavy load for small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For small to mid-sized businesses, outsourcing IT support is generally more cost-effective due to having staff trained to handle a broad variety of IT problems. This helps businesses focus on their product/service instead of managing things outside their field of expertise. That being said, if you’re considering shifting to an outsourced IT support company, here are few benefits you can foresee from making that decision:

1. Reduce Costs: With startups and SMEs attempting to reduce costs, a fixed budget allotted for an outsourced IT support team becomes more advantageous than high expenses acquired from an in-house IT support team. An in-house IT support team incurs many costs, from training to equipment, upgrades, and maintenance. Unexpected high expenses can slow down a small company and its operations, especially if the in-house IT team fails to keep its operations up and running. On the other hand, an outsourced IT support team, apart from solving IT-related problems quicker, can also give you a more steady and controlled monthly expense that only increases as your company grows.

2. Data Security: Security breaches often come from shady hackers using a mix of social engineering and other black hat techniques to misappropriate classified data. However, experienced IT outsourcing partners/companies, usually are aware, studied, and dealt with such issues, are more familiar with their methods, and therefore have faster and more efficient ways to deal with the security issues of your company.

3. Access to IT Expertise, Rare skills: No one can be an expert in all IT areas at once. But, sooner or later, you’ll need expertise on markets or upcoming digital solutions you’ve never worked with, so enlisting an experienced IT support company should be a core part of any business strategy. A reliable IT partner will have dealt with a wide range of IT-related issues, and with their experience in the field, they can determine issues quicker and help users & systems get up and running in much less time than your in-house teams are likely able to. Also, it provides access to skilled and rare skilled IT resources, which is not easy to hire in-house.

4. Data Recovery: It can be due to a fire, flood, or cyber-attack; a business’s data is its most valuable resource. Unfortunately, most companies are ill-equipped for recovery from such hazards, any of which can cause a company to have to suspend its operations indefinitely.

While disaster can strike at any time, all businesses will get back on their feet far more quickly with the help of external professionals who are well-versed in the latest disaster recovery and backup tools.

5. Focus on the core competence of the organization: Companies working in the non-IT sector should outsource all IT-related tasks with the help of one service vendor. When running a startup or SME, you can’t afford to waste time handling IT-related issues. At the same time, your competitors are busy developing their products and winning more client contracts.

By outsourcing an IT support team or partnering with an experienced IT support firm, you can free up company resources and focus on marketing, product development, and customer experience.

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