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Growing Your Business with a Home Office and a Remote Team

Growing Your Business with a Home Office and a Remote Team
home office & remote team



With the advent of technology, small businesses can now operate from home. But not all homes are equipped with office space. The following options may help you create your home-based office whether that’s making renovations to your current house, or redesigning your current office space. You’ll also learn some important information about starting a new business. Zedtreeo discusses all these ideas below.

Key steps for starting a new business

Step 1: Create a limited liability corporation (LLC) and register your business. Each state will have its own process for this, so do your research to find out how to form an LLC or use a formation service that knows the ropes.

Step 2: After your corporate structure setup is complete, you should get an EIN. This number helps with tax filings and completing the structure of your business

Step 3: Set up a business account for your LLC or small company. If you’re going to be taking payment through this account, it’s important for accounting purposes.

Step 4: Consider a trademark. The cost can be high, but it’s important for future protection and to build trust among clients that your business is established.

Step 5: Maintain your startup paperwork. The number of documents piles up pretty quickly as you check off these tasks, and it’s easy to lose track of it all, so be sure to have a system in place to store and organize these important docs. One sure-fire way to keep the paperwork organized in one place for easy storage and retrieval is to digitize the documents and compress a PDF online, which will also save storage space in the cloud or on your hard drive.

Step 6: Outsource work you’re not proficient in. You know what you’re best at and what’s better left to professionals to complete. By using remote staffing resources like Zedtreeo, you’ll free up your time to run the operation and tackle the tasks that suit you.

How to Get Setup with Your New Home Office

Purchase a home that has a home office 

Some people who run small businesses from home won’t initially have the space to do so. That’s why you should consider buying a new home that has an office built-in, or has the appropriate layout for your home-based business needs if you’re in the market. According to a Houzz survey, home offices have become a hot commodity for home buyers. This is obviously a big cost to take on, but if the situation fits, it would save a lot of time and money as compared to remodeling your current house. If you’re looking to relocate, start by doing your due diligence early on, taking into account neighborhoods both your family and business can thrive, how much you can afford, and other factors.

Build a home office in your current house 

If you’re determined to keep your current house but need a home office, remodeling or designating a space in one of the rooms may be an option. If not, some people decide to convert their attic into an office and use that as a workspace, which can be cheaper than buying another home. Remodeling involves calculating square footage, deciding where to place office furniture, and ensuring that the space is large enough to accommodate a productive space.

Start fresh in your current home office 

If you have a home office already, it may just need an update! Career Alley suggests thinking about how to maximize the storage space, as well as desk and chair arrangements. Other things you can consider would be a fresh paint job, plants, new lighting, and additional accessories.

You may also want to think about what activities you do in the space and how you feel when doing them. An important factor is an ergonomic comfort – whether your task requires you to sit, stand, or use other positions during work. This depends on the type of work you do, but if you need a computer, for example, make sure that it’s set up in the best possible position so your body isn’t strained while working.

In Summary

If you own a small business, there are many considerations to make when it comes to setting up your office. Whether you’re looking for the perfect space in your current home or deciding whether buying new or repurposing your current space is more appropriate, we hope this article has given you some things to consider. Hopefully, it will help guide future decisions about how best to set up your workspace.


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