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How Do you work with Virtual Legal Assistants or Paralegals?

How Do you work with Virtual Legal Assistants or Paralegals?
How Do you work with Virtual Legal Assistants or Paralegals?

You can work with Virtual Legal Assistants or Paralegals in a very simple way. Take a look:

a) Start small:
Start off with one individual, and to start with, you give few test projects. Low-risk assignments can be used to measure their trustworthiness.

b) Safely integrate:
Your virtual legal assistant or paralegal who isn’t in your local office and sitting thousands of miles away. There are some new considerations when training and integrating virtual staff, even though the process is quite similar to training someone in your local office.

c) Make sure that you use a virtual task entry or project management system to assign and check on the status of daily tasks and put it to practice for yourself and your remote staff. Make sure you also communicate due dates and details of the task at hand and provide as much details as possible.

d) Communication:
Similarly to task allotment, you should communicate and set expectations with your virtual legal assistant/paralegal regarding personal and working relationship matters. Speak with your remote staff over a video call to get some face-to-face time and make a connection. Also make sure you check in on them on a weekly and monthly basis about how everything is going if not possible on a daily basis. As you would do with a staff member you have in the office, you need to keep up with any upcoming vacations or time off they may need. You only need to put aside a few moments to talk to them and remember that your virtual employee/staff, while virtual, is still human.

e) Data Security & documents sharing:
Please do some research on the platform you choose, to ensure it is secure for sharing legal documents. This will indicate how you handle confidentiality and security overall. To ensure proper security, you should ensure that you have good passwords, maintain your antivirus and operating systems, and train everyone to touch your data everywhere in proper security measures. Most files these days will already have a digital format, but for physical boxes of client files and handwritten notes, all you need to do is scan or photograph and email them to your remote employee. You can also use dictation software to create digital voice notes and audio files.

Always use genuine and legitimate vendors like Zedtreeo to hire remote employees and speak with their experienced IT team before the start to ensure everything is in place regarding your data security.

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