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Tips for SMBs on Bouncing Back After COVID

Tips for SMBs on Bouncing Back After COVID



We don’t have to tell you that the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we do business. For many of us, this meant lower profits caused by changing consumer behaviors or struggling to adapt quickly to lockdowns and social distancing guidelines. But, as we get closer to seeing the light at the proverbial tunnel’s end, we can look toward the future. Today, we offer tips on how to find your solid ground as we reenter an era closer to the world we once knew.

Add To Your Staff
As your customer base begins to tick upward, so must your staff. After all, you must be able to keep up and have enough feet on the ground to make sure your customers are taken care of. This doesn’t mean you have to pay a full 40-hour payroll, and you can quickly and easily hire a data entry expert or virtual assistant through Zedtreeo. With no long-term commitments, you can pick and choose which staff you need and when. Your remote workers can do many of the same tasks as an in-person employee, but you can have multiple experts handling specific responsibilities for less than you would pay a single assistant.

Protect Against Future Losses
Did you lose money at the start of the pandemic? Many of us did. However, if your doors remain open today, consider yourself fortunate that you have a second chance to rebuild your business. Do so with caution, and also take steps to protect your family and your personal assets from taking a hit in the aftermath of a future global disaster. Start by forming your LLC, which is a simple, common, and protective business structure that draws a line between you and your business. Nerdwallet also explained that an LLC means that you and other members/owners can share in the decision-making. Rules are not the same from state to state, so do your research, and then reduce your expenses by filing yourself with a formation service instead of an attorney.

Change Your Marketing Tactics
If marketing was always a struggle for you, the pandemic didn’t help. But, as we emerged, it’s time to increase your visibility. A few smart marketing strategies now include creating content videos and providing your customers with promotional products they actually want. These YouTube banner templates are great for promoting instructional videos, which serve a dual purpose of driving traffic to your site and showcasing the best of your brand. A template makes it easy to add your own images and other branding content, such as your logo. You can even use your videos to announce giveaways. Delta Marketing notes that the top promotional products for 2020 include webcam covers, sustainable items, and wireless products, such as earbuds and speakers.

Other Ideas

Continue to offer socially – distanced pickup and service. If possible, create a locker system so that your customers can pick up with zero contact at their convenience. If you have a service-based business, offer video chat or, at the very least, ask your customers if they would like their technicians or on-site service providers to mask up. Remember, while the vast majority of your customers have likely also lowered their defenses, you may still encounter those with special health concerns that require prudence.

Keep up with technology – Technology changes every day, and your small business must keep up with advances to remain competitive, especially when it comes to offering services online. Make sure that you have the best possible internet and hardware to keep up with it. According to tech blog socPub, exceptional internet will keep you in communication and support your marketing efforts. 

If you made it to the pandemic with your doors open, then you’re doing better than hundreds of thousands of other businesses. Set yourself up for success today and in the future with the tips above. And, remember, when you’re ready to add staff to accommodate your growing business, let Zedtreeo help you manage your staffing budget.

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