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Why Should Law Firms Opt For Outsourcing Legal Research & Writing?

Why Should Law Firms Opt For Outsourcing Legal Research & Writing?


As legal firms are gradually identifying the benefits of legal process outsourcing, a question that may come across firm owners’ minds is why they should outsource their legal writing and research activities in the first place.

In this blog, we shall try finding answers to the above question.

Legal writing refers to the analysis and presentation of fact patterns in legal briefs and memos. It is an inevitable part of the legal practice, which helps identify all facets of the legal case, thereby preparing the attorney with all critical points for presenting during the trial in the court of law.

A legal writer is generally expected to perform the below activities for the project:

  • Drafting briefs and memos
  • Presenting written arguments in support of the client
  • Legal research and analysis for identifying precedents

Legal research and writing is an activity that can have immense complexities and requires an adequate amount of time and expertise for its successful execution. In legal writing, a lot depends on the skill of writers involved by the legal firm and the research and writing time.

The common legal research and writing challenges are as follows:

  • It involves immense data management
  • It can consume a lot of time
  • Since it is a cumbersome activity, it tends to deviate attention from other core legal functions that the law firm may have
  • Legal research may involve varied areas of expertise, and hiring a team with the desired expertise can be an expensive project in itself.

With outsourcing, however, all of the above challenges can be addressed at the same time.

The five key benefits of a legal firm outsourcing its legal research and writing activity are as follows. These are also the five prime reasons why a legal firm should outsource its legal analysis and writing function.

  • The time-saving choice to focus on core business activities: Since legal research and writing can be tricky in itself and time-consuming, outsourcing saves time for the law firm, thereby giving it ample time for focusing on other core and critical activities essential for its business expansion and growth.

  • Enhanced work efficiency of the law firm: With legal writing being a tedious task and given the multiple functions that a law firm is expected to process, the decision to outsource this activity leads to increased efficiency of the law firm as they can focus more time and energy on various other functions, which adds on to the quality of work delivered by them.

  • Cost efficiency: Through outsourcing, hiring multiple lawyers for handling the complex and cumbersome legal writing task is eliminated, thereby resulting in cost-saving. Outsourcing reduces costs significantly for a law firm in countries like the US, UK, and Australia as legal professionals’ price is very high compared to local experts in countries providing outsourcing services.

  • Access to qualified professionals: With outsourcing, the law firm gets access to professionals’ varied skill sets with expertise in multiple fields at a standard cost. This is not possible if the law firm wishes to hire equivalent talent locally as such talent would be very expensive. Hiring talent locally will result in the law firm managing the professionals end to end, including their payroll and HR functions, not to mention the added admin and infra arrangements.

All of the above overheads are taken care of by the outsourcing partner so that the legal firm does not need to worry about any of these.

  • Ability to handle varied cases: Outsourcing allows the law firm to take various cases requiring expertise without worrying about procuring the needed workforce. This would not have been possible otherwise without increasing the overheads of the law firm.

With all of the above plethora of benefits, a legal firm would rarely not choose an outsourcing partner for this crucial function, which is also an integral part of its business.

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