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Virtual Paralegal Assistants: Why Every Law Firm Should Opt for them

Virtual Paralegal Assistants: Why Every Law Firm Should Opt for them
Virtual Legal Assistants: Why Every Law Firm Should Opt for them



At the onset, let us first understand the core responsibilities of an attorney to figure out the need for a Virtual Paralegal Assistant or outsourcing the legal process to a paralegal assistant in the first place.

An attorney’s core work areas cover all aspects related to practice as in serving clients and business by attending court proceedings, ensuring documents are appropriately drafted for the hearing, coordinating with the opposing counsel, and dealing with new clients and their requirements, to name a few of the many tasks that an attorney is expected to perform.

Now, imagine a plethora of mundane activities like 


  1. Coordinating and scheduling meetings, 
  2. Attending phone calls, and other 
  3. Clerical tasks 

added to the attorney’s daily schedule. Wouldn’t it become too much for anybody to handle and manage at the same time?

That is where a Virtual Paralegal Assistant can step in to ease off the lawyer or attorney by offloading or outsourcing these regular clerical tasks or other legal processes so that the latter can focus on practice and the core tasks associated with it.

This indeed becomes a win-win situation both for the attorney and the business alike in more ways than one.

No, another question that can come up is why only go for a Paralegal Virtual Assistant? Wouldn’t it be better if the law firm hires one locally to work from the same office? Well, while this may be a probable solution for bigger law firms, what about small firms and individual practicing attorneys? They would surely not have enough time to invest in recruiting, onboarding, and managing an assistant amid the many tasks they are already overloaded with.

An Outsourced Paralegal Assistant comes to the rescue both for the big and emerging law firms. Now, who would mind saving on considerable costs?

The Virtual Paralegal Assistants can at the same time help big law firms save on costs and at the same time make workdays easier for individual practicing attorneys and smaller firms.

Below are the top five ways a Paralegal Virtual Assistant helps businesses and attorneys alike:

  • Manage Regular Tasks: As already mentioned, hiring a virtual paralegal assistant takes a considerable load off the lawyers and attorneys, thereby giving them enough time to focus on their practice areas. The regular mundane tasks are taken care of by the legal VA’s and delivered as per the attorney’s/law firm’s requirement.
  • Provide accurate work: Hiring competent and skilled legal VA’s always helps as the attorney or law firm can rest assured of the VA’s quality of work, done with utmost precision and accuracy.
  • Increased Productivity of Attorney/Law firm: With the Virtual Paralegal Assistants offloading work from the attorneys and law firms alike, they are left with enough time to focus on the areas of their core competencies. While attorneys can focus on their case proceedings, law firms can use this time for business expansion and growth.
  • Save on Cost: Getting virtual legal Assistants to work and deliver regular tasks also ensures cost saving for the attorney or law firm. Outsourced Virtual Paralegal Assistants can be involved at considerably lower costs as compared to local skilled assistants. For both smaller and bigger law firms, outsourcing legal assistants means saving exponentially on the cost involved in hiring, management, and administration of local hires.
  • Happy Clients: With time and cost-saving as the key benefits, ultimately, it is the clients of law firms and attorneys who get benefitted in terms of quality work delivered to them. Also, often, the saved cost is shared by firms with their clients in the form of discounts on services. Now, who wouldn’t be happy getting value-added service without worrying about the high costs?

Areas wherein Virtual Paralegal Assistants Can Be Engaged

Now that we know the benefits of working with a Virtual Paralegal Assistant let us list down a few of the many ways they can help your business grow. Virtual Paralegal Assistants can be instrumental in all of the below legal expertise areas:

  • Corporate
  • Family Law
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Litigation and many more

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The critical tasks performed by Virtual Paralegal Assistants are as follows:

  • Filing of administrative appeals
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Organizing, scheduling, and coordinating meetings, travel, and appointments
  • Creating presentations
  • Handling client queries by phone and email
  • Handling billing and accounting

With so many benefits of engaging a Virtual Paralegal Assistant, any upcoming or established law firm, as well as an individual attorney who has his hands full, would take up this option to increase business growth and profitability considerably.

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